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[A Rubber Ducky] My Roommate is a Futanari - Chapter 01 - 57 (updated)

Posted:2023-09-19 07:04
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Posted on 19 September 2023, 07:04 by:   A Rubber Ducky     PM
Uploader Comment
My Roommate is a Futanari!

Hello everyone!
Thank you for visiting my page.

The adult comics uploaded to E-Hentai are a few weeks/months behind my Patreon, meaning Patreon has the most recent chapters.
I now also offer the highest Patreon tier access to the proofreading channel where you can read the unfinished chapters that we are still working on!
I upload atleast 1 chapter a week on my patreon (I also upload a chapter a month for a side story).
I'm currently redoing all the old chapters. I'm doing this in order to maintain the same quality through out the story. I will add more reworked chapters every month or so.

I also have a couple of animations on my Patreon, one even has voice! Unfortunately I can't upload mp4 files to e-hentai 😥

There's a spin-off story for Akira if you wanna see it you can find it here!: It's called the Teachers Pet it follows a more grim story line...
Btw The Teachers Pet isn't updated weekly , I update it randomly.

Chapter 01 starts at 03 - 36
Chapter 02 starts at 37 - 62
Chapter 03 starts at 63 - 81
Chapter 04 starts at 82 - 100
Chapter 05 starts at 101 - 133
Chapter 06 starts at 134 - 147
Chapter 07 starts at 148 - 171
Chapter 08 starts at 172 - 259
Chapter 09 starts at 260 - 285
Chapter 10 starts at 286 - 300
Chapter 11 starts at 301 - 319
Chapter 12 starts at 320 - 344
Chapter 13 starts at 345 - 362
Chapter 14 starts at 363 - 378
Chapter 15 starts at 379 - 399
Chapter 16 starts at 400 - 426
Chapter 17 starts at 427 - 448
Chapter 18 starts at 449 - 469
Chapter 19 starts at 470 - 489
Chapter 20 starts at 490 - 514
Chapter 21 starts at 515 - 534
Chapter 22 starts at 535 - 555
Chapter 23 starts at 556 - 574
Chapter 24 starts at 575 - 594
Chapter 25 starts at 595 - 620
Chapter 26 starts at 621 - 640
Chapter 27 starts at 641 - 660
Chapter 28 starts at 661 - 683
Chapter 29 starts at 684 - 730
Chapter 30 starts at 731 - 752
Chapter 31 starts at 753 - 770
Chapter 32 starts at 771 - 788
Chapter 33 starts at 789 - 806
Chapter 34 starts at 807 - 825
Chapter 35 starts at 826 - 844
Chapter 36 starts at 845 - 860
Chapter 37 starts at 861 - 878
Chapter 38 starts at 879 - 895
Chapter 39 starts at 896 - 916
Chapter 40 starts at 917 - 936
Chapter 41 starts at 937 - 956
Chapter 42 starts at 957 - 976
Chapter 43 starts at 977 - 996
Chapter 44 starts at 997 - 1016
Chapter 45 starts at 1017 - 1040
Chapter 46 starts at 1041 - 1062
Chapter 47 starts at 1063 - 1085
Chapter 48 starts at 1086 - 1105
Chapter 49 starts at 1106 - 1125
Chapter 50 starts at 1126 - 1149
Chapter 51 starts at 1150 - 1172
Chapter 52 starts at 1173 - 1196
Chapter 53 starts at 1197 - 1214
Chapter 54 starts at 1215 - 1236
Chapter 55 starts at 1237 - 1254
Chapter 56 starts at 1255 - 1278
Chapter 57 starts at 1279 - 1298
Posted on 28 July 2022, 07:29 by:   headlesshoncho     PM
Score +137
I'm into it. I need my chastity femboy fix ever since MentallyMelted disappeared.
Posted on 28 July 2022, 15:20 by:   elimere     PM
Score +48
I liked the start, it looks like potentially long running story, which is even better.
Posted on 29 July 2022, 16:54 by:   A Rubber Ducky     PM
Score +65
Yes it will be a long running story, it will also feature sub-stories within the main story of other characters.
Posted on 30 July 2022, 07:18 by:   Pushidlt89     PM
Score +22
Chapter 6 please
Posted on 30 July 2022, 12:27 by:   Mnan     PM
Score +24
Wow, amazing story, can't wait for the chapter 6.
Posted on 31 July 2022, 06:44 by:   xnxx1997     PM
Score +32
Chapter 6 is amazing!!!
Cant wait for chapter 7 & 8
God this is phenomenal

Hope we see Akira Tachibana she looks pretty~~~
Edit 8-1-22
I like the cover changing when we hit a point in the story, not bad, I do hope the previous cover (and the new one)
Become a part in the story

Godddss Haru is a god tier design dude!!
How big is Harus dick originally? I gotsssss to know.

(Why not have a small ask 1 question, per chapter release
On your first comment? Cause this is good. No phenomenal so fer)

Update 8-13-22
God that was the hottest chapter hands down!!!
Well done. Bravo. Chapter 8 is best holy moly
Will we get to learn more basic trivia of Haru, miyuki, and many more?
Example: Harus favorite movie, food, game, and secret hobby
Hope Haru isnt just involved with Miyuki. Love them both, great designs.
I also wonder of there are futa with no balls

8-24- 22
Nice chapter 09! Though I wonder @ARubberDucky did Haru dick get smaller, it didnt seem to show.
And do you plan on adding more info for the characters

9-1-22 Chapter 10
I like Haru still not liking what he looks like, I wonder if the girls comments are gonna change how he feels.
Though, I do wonder if we'll see Haru revert back for a short time, and see him and Miyuki do it. Regardless good chapter.
Also good lead into the teacher pet
(That book is good yall)

Probably the first one to read it.
Love the buildup I definitely like Haru changing, I feel these should be longer since filler. I definitely wanna see more of Miyukis thoughts.
Other than the length of the buildup, I like this chapter. Would love to see a whole date thing go on, with Haru being tired by the end of it hehe and Miyuki "Taking Care Of Him"
I wonder if [A Rubber Ducky] will show more futanari in the world, so far there is 2

So close to seeing Haru masterbate argh
And miyuki was so close to banging Haru as well, damn. I hope Haru is in deep sleep again. This is so hot

Holy fuck this is just the best, wow best damn futa story of the year!!! Miyuki fucking Haru is so good whilst conscious
I do hope Haru gets fucked by other futa
The blue hair girl is pretty nice

I do like how Haru has a crush on Miyuki, but damn, I really want to see him fucked by other futa.
No futa story has been this great in at least 2 years.
Last edited on 01 November 2022, 06:28.
Posted on 31 July 2022, 07:30 by:   A Rubber Ducky     PM
Score +32
I am uploading a new story on my patreon next week with Akira as the main character!
Last edited on 31 July 2022, 08:45.
Posted on 31 July 2022, 14:13 by:   A Rubber Ducky     PM
Score +66
It's not genderbender so don't worry
Posted on 31 July 2022, 15:39 by:   xnxx1997     PM
Score +18
Hey if we're doing requests all I ask is more
Teacher futa on male.
((Just hope the man starts failing and needs to "Earn" more points to survive school~~~))

Not even a genre thats touched often.

But take your time rushed works are never good, this is good so far.
Last edited on 03 August 2022, 18:50.
Posted on 31 July 2022, 16:01 by:   A Rubber Ducky     PM
Score +44
i don't wanna spoil anything but I am currently working on a substory within the same world.
And I think you're gonna like it if you are in teacher futa on male.
Posted on 01 August 2022, 20:42 by:   A Rubber Ducky     PM
Score +44
Sorry about that, I was changing some faults as the first image wasn't displaying the name properly on this website.
Posted on 03 August 2022, 13:34 by:   RanmaSaotomeChan     PM
Score +18
This stuff is my jam, drugging to secretly turn them more feminine. But.. There are so many issues I wish I could look past but cannot. The first is that she skull fucks him in the mouth and he doesn't wake up, and there is no line about him being a heavy sleeper, or anything. Then there is the fact she only gives him one pill and he starts to change drastically, immediately! Also, why does the boy in this already start out already looking like women, and passing for a woman? Why not make them at least a little more masculine/androgynous? Then they have more to lose. Regardless, this is still good and I am looking forward to more!
Posted on 03 August 2022, 16:39 by:   A Rubber Ducky     PM
Score +25
It was never my intention to make it that realistic besides it really wouldn't make any sense even if I tried.
With that being said and without trying to spoil it, in chapter 8 a hint will be dropped to why he doesn't wake up. In the later chapters more clues will be given towards why.
Also he is kinda a femboy even before Miyuki...
Last edited on 04 August 2022, 12:02.
Posted on 06 August 2022, 20:11 by:   yearhyearh     PM
Score +41
good story but handling the marketing horribly by constantly doing frivolous updates and uploading individual chapters by themselves away from the main archive, definitely gonna wear out your welcome over time like that
Posted on 06 August 2022, 23:02 by:   A Rubber Ducky     PM
Score +38
But I had to add some information on the current situation of my patreon since i am moving posts over to my website :
I don't want people who pay to be confused as to where the posts are. Other than that I don't upload seperate chapters anymore since I didn't know i could upload galleries at the time I did.
Posted on 07 August 2022, 01:05 by:   masterzelda123     PM
Score +132
The second a futanari was revealed realism was out the window. As such, the miracle drug becomes perfectly believable.
The not waking up can be explained away easily with so many mundane reasons an actual explanation isn't really necessary, but will often destroy immersion if there is nothing to at least hint to a reason.
The throat fucking and in mouth climax though? He dead boy. No amount of magic voodoo will stop him from literally drowning. Drunks die self puking with smaller amounts of liquid all the time.

@A Rubber Ducky
Just some advice for future endeavors; hints come before events, not after, as does characterization. Something like a character talking about how feminine he looks already or him doing feminine things. The underwear alone is not enough. And no, how you draw him doesn't count. For all the readers know, that shape is common for men in your world. This is especially true once you add in elements like futanari, that break all expectations of normal.

Also, while it might seem necessary to introduce all your characters at the start, don't. Even if it seems like a natural place to do so, like class introduction, only introduce the people that will be relevant in the next chapter. The majority of readers barely care about your main characters; they will not give two shits about your 20 side characters, no matter how relevant they are latter on. And worse, by time they do become relevant later they won't remember anything about them, let alone, your one line "characterization." This would be true even if you were to release your entire story at once and becomes even more problematic with over time releases. As far as I know, anyone other than the two boys won't be seen for another 3 months real-world time. And even then, I didn't need to know anything about them until after their interaction with MC and roommate.

And my final advice for now, is make every scene count. I understand that the whole reason why you brought the sister over to the apartment, but that whole thing ended up being a complete waste of time. Yours for the time it took to make and the readers for having to read it. Not to mention the damage to pacing. If you had shown the roommate and sister either hating each other or getting along that alone would have been an improvement and some characterization. Could also have had the sister give a story about how much of a femboy the MC was when he was younger. Even something as simple as the sister having to save the MC from not so tough bullies.
Honestly, almost half the pages in this story could be cut and very little would be lost.
However, I will say that the scene with the futanari teacher was mostly well done. The MC noticing the bulge the way he does and his reaction tells a lot about him. The teacher's inner dialog was over the top and unnecessary though. Her having a bulge and that look on her face was good enough to get the idea across. Even if you wanted to get the point across that she was crass; you could have done that in the comment after the MC leaves the room.

Anyways, I hope my advice was helpful and that you keep improving. You can only get better by practicing and you can only practice by doing.
Good Luck ^_^
Posted on 07 August 2022, 12:48 by:   A Rubber Ducky     PM
Score +58
Thanks for the advice.
Posted on 12 August 2022, 02:01 by:   DarkCocoon     PM
Score +20
Sounds like shes already in love with haru...
Posted on 13 August 2022, 20:48 by:   PregnantWhoreFucker     PM
Score +39
She got revenge on him for accidentally groping her by forcibly feminising him and skull fucking him in his sleep...
Posted on 15 August 2022, 04:32 by:   Lucie female     PM
Score +36
TBH i am in the "fully turn them into a woman " team, having a set of functional genitals is better for both parties and anal can only be enjoyed so much.
But oh well, no can do, still great work, little futa+ genderbending out there
Posted on 24 August 2022, 09:17 by:   Lucie female     PM
Score +97
Expressing thanks for the fact that Haru appreciate the changes. You are now officially in the 1% genderbending stories where it's not hitting a random dude that was confortable with his body.
Posted on 25 August 2022, 09:40 by:   xetalon     PM
Score +17
There is no male on dickgirl in this thing.
Posted on 09 September 2022, 21:35 by:   newey_     PM
Score +27
wait they're 9???? wtf?????
Posted on 06 October 2022, 16:12 by:   IngmarS     PM
Score +32
If all characters are 18+, as is disclaimed on the last page, then there's no reason to put "1X" on those characters' bios. Manga writers do it to hide that their characters are in fact underage.
Posted on 07 October 2022, 13:06 by:   Bior     PM
Score +18
man I'm interested in this but the sex to not-sex ratio is way off this guy shoulda been railed like 3 more times by now
Posted on 03 November 2022, 14:51 by:   wertzu2112     PM
Score +30
so, that i get that right, after he accidently groped her in the PITCH BLACK hallway, seeing nothing, she thinks it is a propper punishment to FORCE FEM him, drugging him and to RAPE him while he is sleeping, ruining his ENTIRE LIVE, for ACCIDENTIAL GROPING?????o_O

WHATS WRONG with all those Femdom writers/artists lately? is Abusing now the norm??? do they think it isn't femdom if the boy isn't crying???
Last edited on 11 November 2022, 18:12.
Posted on 09 November 2022, 12:48 by:   napras-sword     PM
Score +19
Don't worry, it's going to end with "but I've secretly always wanted to be a girl, and also I love you so it's OK." Like every other gosh darn TG/feminization writer out there.
Posted on 09 November 2022, 21:39 by:   Eric Keldrev     PM
Score +39
I mean the author is probably writing what turns them on, and they have a right to do that. If anyone doesn’t like the direction this story is going or the fetishes that are being out in it, they can just not read it.
Posted on 10 November 2022, 00:28 by:   TomTom29     PM
Score +42
People are also have the right to critique things. And it's true that a lot of forced fems nowadays have a lot of treating the feminization as a punishment without actually making the protagonist do something that makes the punishment seem at all warranted. Three off the top of my head are this one, Forever Summer, and Ella. Ella though is definitely just a case of the author writing a story for their fetish and going all in on it. And more power to them. And then Forever Summer had "He was slightly rude to my niece so I'm going to spend months of my time and resources to turn him into a girl just because of that". While that was obviously just an excuse to move the plot along it's not a satisfying one.

Obviously expecting a cohesive plot from a porno is a fools errand but that doesn't mean the wriiting of them can't still be analyzed.

And I will say it's refreshing that Miyuki got called out on her bullshit as early as she did and Haru is actually having thoughts about how weird his/her situation is even before that.
Posted on 24 November 2022, 15:33 by:   lanparde     PM
Score +20
It's just the typical TG (and lewd) story logic.
In western plot, the protagonist enjoy with getting mindraped.
In Japanese plot, the protagonist enjoy with getting raped.
Posted on 02 January 2023, 18:08 by:   phantominferno     PM
Score +18
@A Rubber Ducky , Heard of the issues on the patreon, will the versions posted here be the complete ones or the shortened ones too ?
Posted on 03 January 2023, 06:53 by:   Varmillion     PM
Score +19
Ducky , can you explain what's up with patreon's rules ? like ... is it abuse and drugs that they don't want to show or what ? because i'm not gonna lie ,it was like 40% of what made the story hot how miyuki was dominating him early on, but the revamped version killed all that. so ....that's just kinda sad.
Posted on 03 January 2023, 23:51 by:   RandomDick     PM
Score +18
Word error on image 516, blue is of course asking whether Miyuki is dating Haru rather than whether she is narcisstic
Posted on 24 January 2023, 16:33 by:   A Rubber Ducky     PM
Score +16
@phantominferno complete but future chapters will have to change due to Patreon policy.
Posted on 25 January 2023, 13:51 by:   DarkCocoon     PM
Score +33
We are not on patreon tho, just leave the changed chapters there and the unchanged one s here
Posted on 03 February 2023, 16:37 by:   jamesfox     PM
Score +70
why is he trying to hide his dick? Half the girls in this series have dicks.
Posted on 06 February 2023, 23:52 by:   Tsukiyo_Kuro     PM
Score +60
the one thig I still don't understand 500 pages in.......if most of the girls are futanari anyways, why does it even matter if he hides his dick. he just looks futanari like the rest of them, they'd never know he was a guy at this point. it's silly.
Posted on 27 March 2023, 21:24 by:   DKhunter07     PM
Score +31
One of my favourite, Wish i can have futa-girlfriend like her
Posted on 30 March 2023, 04:58 by:   Eric Keldrev     PM
Score +33
I love how both people trying to shove a trans message into this work and people being transphobes are both getting down-voted. Hilarious.

Mileage may vary for some people but I personally think trying to pull some kind of social commentary out of smut porn, especially one that has extremely fictional elements like this, is just going to be a fool’s errand. This work is just meant to arouse those who like futa on femboy and be fap material for them.
Posted on 05 April 2023, 00:30 by:   RandomDick     PM
Score +17
Double typo on page 804, "Bey" should be "Bye"
Posted on 07 April 2023, 16:16 by:   cybron     PM
Score +18
For future reference, it's "take it down a notch", not nodge.
Posted on 02 May 2023, 04:02 by:   leileis     PM
Score +27
Chapter 36 was so good and comfortable, thank you for that
Posted on 15 July 2023, 11:59 by:   newey_     PM
Score +25
most creators screw up the pacing in long-form gender bender stories like this, but I'm still following this and it's only getting better. Well done, creator.
Posted on 31 July 2023, 04:05 by:   masterzelda123     PM
Score +15
the primary difference is that a futanari is fully functional with both sets of genitalia.
Posted on 11 September 2023, 13:03 by:   Conkcreet     PM
Score +13
Yeah no i agree. If shes gonna make haru her play thing i hope haru will atleast get a nice relationship with someone in the end. Preferably she just says no to the whole situation but she really did hesitate and thats fucked.
Posted on 14 September 2023, 01:12 by:   gueswho     PM
Score +13
Yup I'm done with this. Haru deserves love.
Posted on 14 September 2023, 20:58 by:   twilight5009     PM
Score +16
Haru deserves to be Miyuki's wife. Hopefully the meds let them get preggo, or miyuki tells her mom to frick off
Posted on 14 September 2023, 22:53 by:   Airship     PM
Score +22
I liked this a lot more before Miyuki started seriously considering just keeping Haru as a toy and marry someone else. Haru deserves better than that. He has been a spineless idiot a few times and come close to cheating with the gym boss, but at least that was because he was stupid and easily manipulated. What Miyuki is doing seems straight up malicious considering how much Haru loves her.
Posted on 17 September 2023, 00:06 by:   masterzelda123     PM
Score +7
It seems you have forgotten exactly how Haru has gotten in the position he is in at the moment. Miyuki is behaving exactly like she has from the start. Or did you forget all about the drugging, gaslighting, and manipulation that has had to happen for the story to reach its current position?
Posted on 19 September 2023, 13:50 by:   Eric Keldrev     PM
Score +6
lmao it only gets more twisted from here on out everyone.

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